More Grand Theft Auto Online Details Revealed

Even though Grand Theft Auto V has enough content to keep most gamers entertained as long as your standard MMO, many are still clamoring for the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto Online. More details about the game within a game were revealed today, which will be shaped by player feedback. Rockstar has stated that they are working around the clock to increase the amount of servers, which is relieving considering the recent fallout from A Realm Reborn. Up to sixteen players can partake in GTAO together and are allowed to explore the open world, including doing yoga, mountain biking or even catching a movie (perhaps some virtual relationships will spring out of the game?). For those more career-oriented, Jobs can be done either solo or with your crew. Races can be taken part in, from street racing to off-road, with the new addition of Rally, where a driver and navigator work together to snake through dangerous courses.

All of the sports in GTAV can be played with friends, including golf, base jumping or tennis, gaining cash and reputation in the process. Characters can be customized and cash can be earned by doing jobs, winning races and other illicit activities. GTA bucks can also be purchased with real world money, but the world has been designed with those who will not partake in micro-transactions in mind, and there is no in-game paywall. In-game money from the single player game can not be transferred over to GTAO and vice-versa.

More content will roll out as the game advances, including a content creator, a “Beach Bum Pack” including four new vehicles and 300 new items, a Capture the Flag mode and online heists. All of these updates will be free.

Grand Theft Auto Online is set to launch October 1 via Grand Theft Auto V.