Train Simulator 2014 Gets a Launch Trailer Narrated by Sean Bean

Not that the Train Simulator series isn’t great or anything, but you wouldn’t exactly expect for the latest entry in the series to get a trailer narrated by an international celebrity. That’s exactly what happens in the launch trailer for Train Simulator 2014, however, with narration by none other than Sean Bean. The trailer is surprisingly touching, and although it doesn’t ever show the game itself during its two minute running time, certainly inspires you to get excited about trains.

Using real world footage, the trailer makes the point that trains are the “unappreciated backbone of a nation.” A means of transportation that although astounding in design and crucial in modern living, are thought of little more than an inconvenience during a morning commute. It’s part of the “#wearerailfans” campaign that is looking for those who do care about trains to proclaim their love.

Train Simulator 2014  will be available on Steam on September 26 and North American retailers a day later.