Mutant Football League to use Football Heroes Engine

Although many were excited when the Mutant Football League reboot was announced a few weeks ago, details like “what will it look like” and “how is it being developed” were incredibly scarce. Now we’re getting insight into how the final product will play, as it was announced today that the game will be using the engine from Football Heroes, which is an upcoming mobile game inspired by Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz and World of Warcraft.

“We are lucky enough to have found an elegant solution to our development risks. Not only is the game really fun, but the Football Heroes game engine is very flexible, so we are able to adjust it to fit the needs of Mutant Football League,” Said Michael Mendheim, creator of Mutant Football League. “This technology will help us create a better game that gets delivered faster than we could make happen on our own.”

It’s an interesting development that the game will run on a pre-existing engine and not its own proprietary one and even more-so that both games are not out yet. Hopefully Football Heroes turns out to be good and Mutant Football League turns out to be different enough from it that it’s still worth playing.

Those interested in the game can head over to its Kickstarter, which is far currently far short of its $750,000 goal, to pledge their support.