Pokémon Origins Premieres November 15

The new Pokémon games come out in October and then a month after, the new anime will air. Pokémon Origins is a retelling of the original Pokémon Red and Blue games for the Game Boy. It follows Red and his team as they battle gym leaders, rivals and even Team Rocket. As we said before, it appears to be a more serious take on the cute and cuddly monster game. Instead of Ash and his bubbly attitude, Red looks more determined in defeating the Pokémon League. Pokémon Origins will air exclusively on Pokémon TV, either by its website or mobile app. There are only four episodes, which makes this a special occasion and it’s not only in Japanese. The English version is already making its debut. Hopefully there will be more seasons in the making, as fans of both Pokémon new and old will enjoy recapturing the moments of a long-living story. Watch the English trailer below and make sure to watch the show in less than two months.