Wii U Edition of Watch Dogs to be “In-Between” Current and Next-Gen Versions

Wii U is still struggling to find its place in the gaming world, especially now that the next-generation consoles are on the horizon. Currently, however, it seems to live somewhere between current and next-gen consoles, a sentiment shared by Watch Dogs Creative Director Johnathan Morin. In an interview with Eurogamer focused on comparing its map to GTAV’s, Morin stated that he expects the PC version to be the best-looking version, with Wii U’s to fall somewhere in between current and next-gen consoles.

“If you pump the PC to its maximum there are things in the filtering and rendering that I think are possible on high-end PCs that are pretty amazing. Wii U is pretty much in-between – it’s neither of them, not current-gen, maybe closer to current-gen than next-gen.”

It’s an interesting indication of where Wii U will fall that a major offering from a large studio will be closer to current-gen than next-generation. As games get more advanced, it will be interesting to see if Wii U ports will be viable — or even possible.