Vote For Beck’s Companion Call in Mighty No. 9

If you want something nice then you’ll have to vote for it.  Doesn’t matter if it’s government or gaming, if you don’t vote then you’ve lost the right to complain when things don’t turn out as you’d like.  Today’s choice is the character design for Call, Beck’s robot partner in Mighty No. 9. Call is more than just a background helper, because with the recent breaking of the $2,750,000 stretch goal comcept has been able to add the Online Co-op Challenge Mode.  This mode lets one player be Beck and the other Call, turning her into a playable character with her own unique abilities.

There’s nine designs to choose from, ranging from cute to cute with a small detour into cute, but only one will end up being cute enough to make the cut.  Get over to the survey and cast your vote even if you’re not backing the campaign.  It’s open to everyone, Kickstarter backer or not, so if you’ve got an opinion they’d love it if you let them know.