Check Out the Various Types of Stages in Battle Princess of Arcadias

While our last video showcased the first fifteen minutes of Battle Princess of Arcadias, the video didn’t have a lot of gameplay. Since Battle Princess of Arcadias is a fairly unique title, we uploaded some new videos to show off the various types of stages you will encounter.

The first video is your standard sidescroller beat em up stage. This is the second to last stage in the whole game and gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect from Battle Princess of Arcadias as a whole. After that we have a formation battle, which is most likely where “battle princess” comes from. These stages require you to fight off waves on enemies, while leading your troops to victory. Finally we have a formation boss battle and this is nothing more than a combination of the previous two styles. In these stages you need to aid your troops in defeating a giant monster, so they’re a fun change of pace. Sadly there aren’t many stages like this, though they’re still a welcomed change of pace.

Traditional Gameplay

Formation Battle

Boss Fight