Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders Fails to Meet Kickstarter Goal, But All Hope is Not Lost

Neverending Nightmares just managed to grab an extraordinary amount of funding in a very short amount of time, hitting its goal only hours before its campaign came to a close. Unfortunately, though, Ground Pounders didn’t meet the same happy ending.

The promising hexagonal turn-based-strategy game had just barely made half of its funding goal before its campaign ended in defeat last night. Luckily, the team at Kerberos has plans to continue the development of its game.

It was announced in the Kickstarter page’s latest update¬†that an indiegogo¬†campaign is in the works, and that it will have a considerably more flexible goal. While no date has been announced for the new campaign, the post does tease that more footage, music, and are from the game will be available on the indiegogo page.

If the game reaches its goal, it will supposedly release sometime before Christmas this year.