When Can You Play GTA Online?

Grand Theft Auto is a strange beast. It’s satirical, violent, and irreverent; it’s a vast and open world, but still very much a self-contained, story-driven experience. It’s both an innovator, and the best mimicker in gaming; Grand Theft Auto is a lot of things, but it isn’t an MMO. Well, until now that is.

With the announcement of GTA Online, gamers were introduced to possibilities once only imagined by the loyalest of fans. Sure, the series had already presented an Online mode worth mention, but the difference between the last installment’s offering and GTA Online is a World of Warcraft versus The Matrix Online scenario. With GTA V proving that the series is capable of both returning to its roots and taking a massive leap forward, we’re confident that the Online portion will be great. But when can we play it?

Grand Theft Auto Online goes live on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live at 4am Pacific/7am Eastern /12pm GMT on October 1. A small update will be required to play, and Rockstar has warned players that they anticipate multiple issues upon launch. Worry not, however, as there is a team at Rockstar working around the clock to fix and update the game as required.