Play Wii Games On The Wii U Gamepad With Nintendo’s Latest System Update

In what is most likely an attempt at Nintendo doing their best at not letting GTA Online hog the entire spotlight (hey, at least they tried), an update went live earlier this morning where the big N has seen fit to give Wii U players the ability to play their Wii games on the GamePad. That’s right, now you can play all your old Wii favorites wherever your gamepad range will let you. The only catch is that the GamePad itself cannot control anything while running Wii software, meaning it can be a little awkward when trying to use the sensor bar built into the GamePad (yep it’s there, point at the camera).

This can be somewhat mitigated by using a pro controller plugged into a Wii remote to navigate the Wii menu screen, but games that make excessive or exclusive use of pointing controls will probably see little playtime on the gamepad screen. Virtual Console games work fine, so now you don’t have to wait for your favorite Wii VC titles to pop up in the Wii U shop to have off screen play as long as you don’t mind propping up the game pad while you hold an extra controller.

There were other smaller improvements included in the update as well.  The ability to view PDF files was added to the browser, USB keyboard support was added, and stability enhancements are just a few of the other features of the update. Take a swing by Nintendo’s support page to get the full list of updates and enhancements.