Indie Royale Debut 5 Bundle Released

The fifth Indie Royale debut bundle has launched and gives you six games for a mere $3.50, with a bonus game coming later. That paltry price gives you Oknytt, a point and click adventure game, Jamsouls, a crazy Smash Bros.-ish brawler, a first-person horror game in The Curse of Nordic Cove, the puzzler Bret Airborne, a JRPG in the form of Millennium – A New Hope, and the incredible rhythm-platformer FromPulse. I haven’t read much about the games included in this bundle, but my experience with FromPulse on the 360 was a very positive one.

It’s a lot like the Bit.Trip Runner games, but with a more dazzling visual style. It’s only $1 on the Xbox Live indie games marketplace, so if that’s the only game that appeals to you, it’s probably best to just pick it up there. However, if any of the other games seem interesting, then just get the bundle and enjoy that game and some others as well. If you spend more than $5, you’ll get Brad Smith’s “Classic Chips” album, which normally sells for $7 on its own. Everything comes with a Desura code and DRM-free download, and if the games get Greenlit, you’ll get Steam codes down the line as well.