Majora’s Mask Appearances Teasing Hungry Zelda Fans

Is a Majora’s Mask remake on the way? Even with an Ocarina of Time remake already out on the 3DS and Wind Waker recently getting the HD treatment on the Wii U, something like that could still be passed off as wild rumor and speculation. However, the legendary mask has been showing up a little too often for some gamers to pass off as mere coincidence.  The famous mask has already made a conspicuous appearance in Animal Crossing New Leaf, and now keen eyed observers have noticed a more subtle appearance of the mask in the latest Link Between Worlds trailer shown by Nintendo in their latest Nintendo Direct.

There it is, just hanging on the wall passively taunting eager Zelda fans. While this appearance could just be nothing, with all the love the Zelda series has been seeing lately it could also be a substantial hint that Nintendo is working on something in secret; something that would surely please the large number of Majora’s Mask fans, many of whom cite the game as their favorite in the series.  So which is it? Only time can tell for sure, but there is that Ocarina of Time engine they used for the 3DS remake just laying around waiting to be put to good use. And with Nintendo needing to keep a high profile to avoid getting completely drowned out in the PS4 Xbox One frenzy coming this holiday season, the possiblity of this being a an actual “thing” is strong. Majora’s Mask 3D anyone?