Pokémon Bank Dated for December 27 in North America, Price Confirmed

The oft-discussed Pokémon Bank app has now been revealed in full. Pokémon Bank is a storage service for Pokémon X and Y that will allow Pokémon to be deposited, stored and managed in private boxes on the internet. Intended as a resource for serious Pokémon collectors, each bank includes a hundred boxes that can hold thirty Pokémon in each, meaning up to three thousand Pokémon can be stored in a single Bank. Besides acting as a storage device, the Bank acts much like a real world bank, allowing Pokémon to be kept safely in the event the game cartridge is stolen or misplaced.

This isn’t the first time something like this has been attempted, with Pokémon Box for the GameCube and My Pokémon Ranch for the Wii, but both weren’t online services and could only hold a maximum of fifteen-hundred Pokemon. The Pokémon can be deposited and withdrawn to/from different copies of the game, so long as the app is downloaded. Getting rid of the need for two game systems for transferring Pokemon, the Bank also includes a variety of search functions so Pokémon can be more easily found. If Pokémon holding items are deposited into the Pokémon Bank, the items will be removed and sent to your bag. If your bag is full, the items will disappear. PC Boxes remain in the game itself.

The application will cost $4.99 a year, with the fee going towards long-term server maintenance. There will be a free thirty day trial period after its launch on December 27. Head over here for complete details.