Play Borderlands 2 and Win Some Real Loot

The Borderlands series is all about hunting for the sweetest loot you can get your greedy little hands on. Many players have spent hundreds of hours getting the very best, biggest, and most death inducing gun they can find only so they can use it to go out hunting and find a bester. biggerest, and even more death inducing gun. I say this not because I am 60 some hours into my own character and might be suffering from some form of addiction, because seriously guys I can quit any time just not today because it isn’t a great day for me. In fact, this isn’t a great month for me to quit or for any other Borderlands enthusiast to take a break because 2K Games has just offered some pretty sweet rewards for tenacious loot hunters.

Starting October 11 and running through November 7, 2K Games will be offering the $100,000 Loot Hunt, and no that is not $100,000 in Borderlands Funbucks, but real, honest to goodness cash. Each day of the event, certain enemies will be dropping unique guns. After obtaining the gun, there will be a unique target in the game for players to find and hunt. Eliminating the target enters you in a weekly drawing for various goodies and gets you an entry in the grand prize drawing for $50,000. That’s right, you can win $50,000 for a playing a game and doing what you’d probably be doing anyway.

In addition to weekly cash prizes and the big grand prize, there are a variety of other goodies you can win. There are unique pieces of in game loot that are guaranteed to drop for those that are just gun nuts. The other physical goodies include a PS Vita system (packaged with Borderlands 2), a Borderlands 2 strategy guide, customized Borderlands 2 headsets, and some other interesting stuff you can see on the promotional image below. Unfortunately, these goodies are only available for US residents, meaning those outside the States are going to miss out on the fun. Non-Americans can still hunt the targets and work towards the community goals, but the actual physical goodies will be out of reach.