Could This Be All the 6th Generation Pokemon?

While there has been a lot of Pokemon X and Y leaks the past couple of days, it seems that all the new Pokemon have been revealed. According to the rumor, the 6th Pokemon generation will contain 71 new Pokemon, which have all been revealed. Some people might find this news sad, but another rumor claims there will be 50 Mega Pokemon too, so there are still plenty more to discover.

Finally thanks to Letterbomb on Neogaf, we have a nice chart with all confirmed Pokemon so far and their types. You can find it pictured below and you can use it to figure out what Pokemon you want.


  • ErixSan

    It’s a nice quantity, not a impressive one but yeah, we have mega evolutions.

  • RHF

    Hopefully not, since it’s a rather small amount of new pokemon, not counting the megas

  • SubMan87

    Mega Charizard X? Jesus, what did they do to my childhood!?