Dragon’s Crown Gets $10 Discount at Retail and on PSN

Dragon’s Crown is one of the best beat-em-ups in years, and easily the best-looking ever from an artistic perspective. From now until October 15, the game gets a $10 price drop on both the physical and downloadable versions for the PS3 and Vita. There are also discounts on the Storyteller Voice Pack and Into the Labyrinth theme – taking them down to $1.50. While it’s a shame cross-buy wasn’t able to be used for DC, this discount does take some of the sting out of buying two versions of the game if you so desire. Anyone who loved the team’s prior work on games like Odin Sphere should check it out, as it’s basically that minus the filler and with way better graphics. The crazy proportions are also a source of much comedy, and will have you chuckling with each new portrait you see.