Game of the Month: September 2013

Another amazing month in an incredible year, September was home to quite a few gems and many great games. Of course, it’s easy to forget other games came out with Puppeteer, a game that made a billion dollars in sales. Or was that Grand Theft Auto V? Either way, both games offered creative environments, great music, high production values and plenty of heads rolling. There was also a return to beautiful platforming, a fantastic sports game, a graphically stunning PS Vita game and oh so much more.



Puppeteer furthers Rayman’s quest to bring platformers back to a major stage – literally. This in-game stage play tells a compelling tale of an evil tyrant, his charismatic tiger helper and Kutero – a headless boy who acquires heads like Sonic grabs rings to ensure an everlasting life. Cutting through the scenery with his magic scissors lets you to climb to great heights and slice through enemies with rapid button presses ala Drill Dozer. Its whimsical setting and beautiful graphics fit in perfectly with a delightful soundtrack that ranges from happy Disney princess parodies to dark and foreboding songs. With a $40 price tag, it’s an easy pickup for platforming buffs.

NHL 14


In the course of less than two months each year, EA Sports releases their upgraded sports games to the masses, and year-after-year we become infatuated with them. EA Sports Canada continues to flex their muscles with the latest NHL game, giving us an even more simulated and hardcore experience. Last year it was all we had because the NHL was in the midst of a lockout, but this year hockey is bigger than ever, and there’s no doubt EA Sports is accommodating the demand with more realistic mechanics and additional features. Whether it’s the overhauled collision engine or the NHL’94 throwback mode, NHL 14 is the sports game to get this year, despite it not coming to next-generation consoles.

Killzone: Mercenary


Shooters have always had a difficult time adapting to portable devices, but thankfully Killzone: Mercenary breaks away from the pack and offers a worthwhile experience. Even though some of the artificial intelligence can occasionally break the game, Guerilla Games have crafted some of the most satisfying shooting mechanics to be found on the PlayStation Vita. Mix that with strong objective-based missions, a lengthy story and addicting multiplayer components, and you have one of the Vita’s biggest apps that’s deserving of success. It won’t revolutionize the genre, but it certainly shows us that great first person shooters can be made for the portable market.

Rayman Legends


Rayman Legends combines some of the best 2D art around with rock-solid platforming action and a kick-ass soundtrack to create the best platformer of the past five years. Its inclusion of many Origins levels solidifies its status as a must-have, while sales have already become a frequent occurrence and provide potential players with few reasons to avoid playing it. Daily and weekly challenges using randomly-generated stages give players plenty of reasons to return after completing the solo campaign and allow you to sharpen up your skills if you haven’t beaten it.

Winner: Grand Theft Auto V


It was neck and neck between Grand Theft Auto V and Killzone: Mercenary, but at the very end Grand The — we can’t do this. Was there ever a question that GTAV wouldn’t be our Game of the Month winner? This is a strong contender for Game of the YEAR, let alone Month. GTAV took one of the most beloved series in gaming and refined practically every aspect of it. The world is bigger, the story is stronger, the missions are better and the submarines are, well, there. There’s so much to do that people are discovering activities they’ve never tried before weeks later. From yoga to prostitution, there’s something for everyone, and GTAV simply must be experienced by any gamer — over 17 of course.

As an added bonus, our editors named their personal favorites:

  • Steve: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Beck: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Jeremy: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Lee: Grand Theft Auto V
  • James: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Ben: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Nikola: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Jake: Rayman Legends
  • Vic: The Wonderful 101
  • Ryan: Rayman Legends
  • Brittany: Diablo III on Consoles