Mad Catz MOJO Now Available to Pre-Order

We’ve been excited about the MOJO since it was first announced earlier in the year, and now, Mad Catz has made it available for pre-order.  Unlike the OUYA, the MOJO will feature Google Play store support out of the box. It will also use a Tegra 4 processor instead of that system’s Tegra 3. It comes with 16 GB of internal storage instead of that system’s 8 GB, and can be expanded via a microSD slot for up to 128GB of additional storage space. For $250, you’ll get the system and a Mad Catz CTRLR gamepad (which you can also pair to a tablet if you’d like), and an HDMI cable. It’s got support for headphones, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and uses Bluetooth v2.1.

Like the OUYA, you can sideload any Android app store you like and they’re going to support touch-only Google Play apps using thumbsticks and buttons – seemingly making it the touch equivalent of Joy2key or something along those lines. At $250, I can see the price being a major issue for people unfamiliar with Android-based consoles. The OUYA’s $100 price point is far more attractive, although it comes from an unknown company and Mad Catz has been around a lot longer. The company has also made great strides over the past generation to build up their credibility – to the point where they’re now creating MLG-caliber pads. That ensures that this device will be well-made and should last quite some time. Of course, at $250, one would hope this is at least somewhat future-proofed and won’t seem out of date the second it gets released – which will be on December 10.

That release coming so soon after die-hards will be spending about a grand on next gen stuff is risky. It means they’re either hoping the super die-hards buy it, or are aiming for folks who either can’t find the new systems or can’t afford them, but can swing $250. If the system seems like your kind of thing, you can get it on Newegg, Gamestop, or on Mad Catz’ own site. The system looks fairly sleek, although its shiny finish is begging for fingerprints and scratches to be visible after a fair bit of use. The controller looks incredible, and has gotten fairly high reviews from folks who have used it at trade shows. Given that it can be used for other devices, it’s a nice value in that regard, and since MOJO runs Google Play and doesn’t have its own store, you don’t have to worry about re-buying content.

The biggest downside to it not having its own app store is that games aren’t being optimized for the device, and while the OUYA’s store isn’t perfect, it does allow you to play some incredible games, like Hero of Many, using its iffy pad that are made with it in mind and can work around its limitations fairly well. I hope the system finds its niche, because the marketplace is going to be very crowded over the next year with the PS4, Xbox One, OUYA, Steam Machine, the MOJO, Wii U, PS3, and 360 just being viable consoles and that’s not even considering the portable marketplace with mobile apps, the 3DS, and Vita asking for more of your time and money.