Review: Worms Revolution Extreme

Worms has always felt perfect for mobile gaming. It’s great for destroying friendships, so it’s perfect for destroying handhelds after some particularly nasty losses with each round that passes. The adorable little crawlers have been around for years, and they keep coming up with new ways to make players despise each other, but now they’ve finally hit the PlayStation Vita. Worms Revolution Extreme isn’t a brand new adventure, but a port of last year’s Worms Revolution, which was available prior on home consoles. The Vita iteration packs in all of the expansion packs as well as the original game into the Vita’s powerful body and lets you take the show on the road. The end result is an excellent and affordable Worms experience that’s perfect for that long commute or hour on the throne every morning. Just be sure no one hears you screaming in there while playing. Things might get a little weird.

For the unfamiliar, Worms is a class-based combat game between rival squads of earthworms with their own special abilities, items and arsenals. There’s a new class system in place here, with Soldiers, Scientists, Scouts, and Heavys available to choose from. The Scout is stealthy, for example, and the Scientist has a health bonus. These augments can be quite useful, especially when choosing which worms will be on your team, as they complement each other nicely. You’ll have to work to unlock them, as you’re required to play through some of the campaign to earn the coins required to purchase them.

There’s plenty to do here though, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding content to wade through. With the original Worms Revolution and all its DLC content included, there’s a myriad of new puzzles and scenarios to complete, especially if you’re the strategic type who simply loves to plan new routes and alternate paths to victory. Unfortunately, there are some noticeable issues when it comes to the AI. It can be unbelievably dim at times, but considering it’s rare enough to not mar the overall experience, it’s easily overlooked.

Team17’s switch to a delightful new 3D engine gives Worms Revolution Extreme an attractive interface, with some dazzling effects and more terrain to take in. The Vita’s rear touch panel is actually integrated in a useful manner, since the smaller screen size means you need more room to scroll. The front touch screen can be used to browse through each map, and it feels quite natural. It’s a little more work than is required with the console versions of course, but seeing as both touch pads are rarely integrated in most Vita titles, it was a welcome addition, as was Cross-Save. If you start out playing on your PS3, you can continue on the Vita, or vice-versa.

Closing Comments:

Adapting a console title to work on a handheld is never a simple task, so Team17 should be congratulated for being able to preserve much of what made Worms: Revolution successful, including its high-resolution textures and varied environments. There’s even room for complex endgame strategies, and the opportunity to play online or local multiplayer Vita-to-Vita. If you can find a friend, you can obliterate them. Or you know, they can send you away crying. All-out warfare has come to the Vita, and the excellent Worms series continues. As long as we don’t have to deal with another Worms: Ultimate Mayhem. That was reprehensible.
Platform: PlayStation Vita