GOG Giving Furloughed Government Workers Free Games

If you’re currently a government worker without a paycheck, it’s not all bad as GOG is giving you free games. GOG has launched a bundle today called the “Shutdown Promo,” which hilariously includes Theme Hospital, Sid Meier’s Aloha, Alpha Centauri, Redneck Rampage Collection, Tropical Reloaded, The Guild Gold Edition, Capitalism Plus and Capitalism 2.  For the next sixteen hours, the games can all be had for a hair under $25, 50% off their normal price.

While that’s already a great deal, the better deal comes from a politically-charged announcement from GOG where they’ve stated that furloughed Government Workers will receive the games for free. All they have to do is send an e-mail to thanksobama@gog.com with a picture holding the official furlough letter before October 11 at 12:00 EDT.

Hopefully the furlough lasts long enough to complete the Redneck Rampage Collection.