Professional F1 Racing Broadcaster Gives Us Some Play-by-Play on Mario Kart 8

There’s something undeniably amazing and endearing about hearing a professional racing broadcaster call a round of Mario Kart. Perhaps its the intensity, perhaps its the seriousness, perhaps its the smile-inducing juxtaposition of hearing someone so renown in the racing community provide commentary on the zaniness that is Mario Kart. Alan Boiston, a pro announcer for F1, decided to tackle the challenge of giving viewers a glimpse at what it may sound like if Mario Kart were taken to the big stage of racing. For those who aren’t on the up and up, Boiston has experience calling racing broadcasts for UK television for quite a while now and is well-known across the pond. Thus, he makes this is nine minute video absolutely worth watching.

As one of the heavy hitters for Nintendo and the Wii U, Mario Kart 8 is set to be released next spring. Be on the lookout for the friendship-ending racer then.