Another Five Mega Pokemon Have Been Leaked (Updated)

Despite Pokemon X and Y releasing tomorrow or later today if you’re heading to a midnight release, there are still new Pokemon to find. Perhaps not new to this generation, but in terms of Mega evolutions, there seems to be several more to discover. That is, assuming these five Mega Pokemon aren’t the last five to be revealed.

Starting off the list, we have the highly anticipated Mega form of Alakazam. This is one of the most anticipated Mega Pokemon, so it’s great to see he will be in X and Y. In addition to Alakazam, we also have Mega Pinsir from the first generation, who has a more insect like appearance. This is also true for Mega Heracross, who was finally revealed after a number of rumors suggesting he had a Mega form. Finally we have Mega Medicham and Mega Banette, who were also leaked.

Update: Mega Houndoom, Mega Scizor and Mega Manectric were also leaked.