Kromaia Gets a Gameplay Trailer

Kromaia is a lovely-looking shooter working to earn your love and money over at Indiegogo.  While the campaign is off to what can charitably be called a slow start, the team at (the fantastically named) Kraken Empire are soldiering away at getting some attention, and today they released an unedited video showing a chunk of gameplay from the score attack mode which backers can expect early access to on the campaign’s completion.  It’s looking awfully nice, and does a great job demonstrating the free-flying dodge and shoot action in a way that has me itching to pick up a controller and start blasting.

It’s a very Rez-looking shooter, albeit not so musical or on rails, with everything made from a colorful techno-geometry while light trails etch the skies.  The enemy patterns look like they should be a ton of fun to pick apart as they swarm and scatter, and the fast flying and dodging promises a good round of twitch-based shooting.  The video is only the score-attack mini-game, though, and the campaign page has a lot more detail about the enemy types, guns, strategies, and ship types available in the full campaign.  If the thought of mowing down giant waves of geometric enemy patterns in colorful open space sounds appealing, dodging and firing with the full six degrees of freedom, head on over to their campaign page and check it out.