GTA Online Players To Receive $500,000 In Game Cash As A Sorry We Lost Your Character Consolation Prize

According to Rockstar Games, people who have been struggling through GTA Online will be receiving a $500,000 “stimulus package” for their trouble. People hoping to jump in to the action the first couple of days after launch were impeded by a slew of issues, including lag, connection errors, and in some rare cases, lost characters and vehicles. The good news is the game is operating fine now and has been for some time, and the issues that accompanied the title at launch have basically been worked out. Some people did lose their character (and that isn’t recoverable by the way), but that nightmare scenario seems to be over. Since issues were pretty much localized to immediately after launch, hopefully those affected by it hadn’t invested too much time into the character that is now forever lost in a series of tubes.

The extra good news is Rockstar is seeking to atone for their sins with the aforementioned stimulus package to smooth over any residual anger or hard feelings that might still be lingering. Two deposits of $250,000 of GTA$ will be made with the first installment coming as early as next week. Full details can be found through the aforementioned link, but as long as you play the game sometime this month and install the GTAV update that should be out next week all that sweet, sweet fake cash can be yours.

In the past, I’ve been all for running companies up a tree for launching unfinished and broken products, but to me this half a million in fake money should be more than enough to placate even the fussiest of crankypants. Yeah, it sucks that you lost your character, but he was most likely the result of a couple of hours work, not months. And yeah, broken online components are never fun, but this came as basically a freebie bonus added on to your incredible single player GTAV experience anyway. This isn’t the SimCity fiasco, where you couldn’t play the game you bought for a long stretch of time. GTAV was fully functional. It just took a couple of extra days to iron out the bonus online component. If you’ve learned anything from playing the game so far, you know you should just take your free money and run.