Massive Capcom Sale Hits PSN Tomorrow

Steam’s got its own big Capcom sale, and now PSN will be getting a piece of the action starting tomorrow. Some deals aren’t so amazing – like saving $1.50 on the Bionic Commando Rearmed series, but others are fairly impressive. The Devil May Cry HD Collection being $10.50 is a great deal, while Okami HD at $6 is a must-buy. Remember Me being $14 is quite tempting, and may be the best overall deal for it since if it’s free, you won’t have access to it forever and this is a massive savings. Street Fighter X Tekken will also be $13, although its many pieces of DLC, even discounted, can still add up to a somewhat hefty sum. Surprisingly, there are no discounts on Mega Man 9 or 10, which seems like a missed opportunity with Mighty No. 9 helping keep that character alive and showing that people want that kind of gameplay still.