In One Month, Monster Hunter 4 Ships Three Million Copies in Japan

While Monster Hunter is a reasonably popular series in America, it doesn’t exactly light the world on fire when one is released and certainly doesn’t gain many players outside of its niche. In Japan, however, it’s a totally different story as evidenced by pictures posted from its release last month that show hundreds of people lined outside of gaming stores in the country. To put it in perspective, it looked like the GTAV midnight launches here (if not bigger).

Proving just how popular this series is on their shores, Capcom today announced that they have shipped three million copies of Monster Hunter 4. This includes retail copies and downloadable sales. While this does not reflect the actual sales numbers, it’s a staggering figure nonetheless.

Sales of the series have now hit over 26 million and growing and Universal Studios Japan is set to hold a Monster Hunter themed event next Spring.