PS4 Watch Dog Launch Day Bundle Pre-Orders Still Guaranteed a Console at Amazon

When the news broke earlier today that Watch Dogs would be delayed, it was absolutely heartbreaking. After all, losing a game many have been heavily anticipating for over a year is tough. The situation was much more troublesome for those who pre-ordered the Watch Dogs PS4 bundle at Amazon, however. After the launch day pre-orders quickly sold out at Amazon, many turned to some of the available bundles to ensure they still get a console. While — let’s be polite and call it a “handful” — of people went for the Knack bundle, many others went for Watch Dogs. All seemed fine until Watch Dogs got delayed until next year. How can one receive a launch bundle with Watch Dogs when Watch Dogs is coming out in Spring 2014?

Thankfully, Amazon is making the situation right by guaranteeing those who had pre-orders will still receive their PS4 based on their original delivery estimate for the bundle. Its product page currently has an alert which states:

“All orders for the Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 bundle will keep their place in line and we will fulfill the PlayStation 4 (without the Watch Dogs game) in accordance with your current delivery estimate. We are working on adjusting these orders and will update you as soon as we know more.”

Impressive move from Amazon who was likely swamped with e-mails today from frightened costumers. The silver lining is that now you can use the money you were forced to pay for Watch Dogs for Knack. Right? …Anybody?