Redbox Goes into Game-Selling Market

Redbox has been renting out games for a couple of years now, and has finally taken the leap into game selling ala Gamefly. You’re able to buy used or new titles, with the latter being the same price as other retailers and the former being….not exactly comparable. The Walking Dead on the 360, for example, will cost you $18 on Redbox’s site, or half of that on Gamefly’s. The Redbox price is only $2 cheaper than a brand-new copy on Amazon, and reminds me of Gamestop charging you $5 less for a beat-to-hell copy of a game. In its present state, this service comes off as a huge “me too” action and doesn’t really provide any incentive to take a chance – there aren’t even coupon codes to take $5 off a purchase. If this service sticks around a few months and actually gains a better reputation than Gamefly for shipping out games in decent condition, then I can see it being a worthwhile option for purchasing used titles – especially if they make their prices more competitive than Gamefly’s.