New Characters, Release Date and Limited Edition Revealed for J-Stars Victory VS

After being quiet for a few weeks, the latest issue of Shonen Jump revealed four new characters for J-Stars Victory VS. These include Boa Hancock (One Piece), Lala Satain Deviluke (To Love-ru), Chitoge Kirisaki (Nisekoi) and Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach). Of these four characters, only Boa Hancock is playable, where as the rest will be support.  This choice certainly comes as a surprise, but hopefully this means other popular series will feature weird playable characters too.

In addition to the characters being revealed, the scan also listed the release date as March 19, 2014. The PS3 version will run you 7,980 yen or you can get the Vita version for 6,980 yen. Remember, both systems might be region free, but DLC will be a hassle on the PlayStation Vita. Finally, the scan lists a limited edition for either console at 10,980 yen, though no further information was given.

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