DriveClub Delay Good; Gives PS4 Buyers More for their Money

In case you missed the news, don’t use Twitter and have a bunch of boring non-gamer friends on Facebook (we feel for you), it was announced today that Driveclub has been delayed to 2014. While that normally wouldn’t make the headlines as much as say, Watch Dogs being delayed, it’s sparked a brouhaha thanks to the fact that part of the game was to be free to PS4 owners who subscribe to PlayStation Plus. To remedy the situation, Sony announced that they would be giving gamers the indie game Contrast instead. While this is a bummer at first glance,, it’s actually very exciting news for a few reasons.


Driveclub looks great; there’s not much getting around that point. We played it quite a bit at E3 and loved how the game felt and the biggest qualms we had seemed to have been smoothed out in the months following. It was clear, however, that the game still didn’t feel “done,” or at least at the stage where it felt like it could be released shortly. We’d love free Driveclub at launch, but to be a dead Watch Dog horse, we’d much rather have the game late than have the game be rushed out and not meet its full potential. While, yes, we were promised the game for free as a perk for PS+ owners to buy a PS4, it’s not as if we were getting a full sixty dollar game anyways. It was just part of the game and completing it would require multiple DLC purchases.

Sony’s substitution of Contrast, however, is a full game. A game that just happens to look really dang good. A very unique looking puzzle platformer from developer Compulsion Games, Contrast is an intriguing title that features film noir and burlesque elements infused with a top-notch jazz soundtrack. We haven’t gotten our hands on the game yet, but all signs point to it being worthy of a play-through at this point. Although downloadable and indie, the game carries with it a retail price of $19.99 (although it’s currently $14.99 as a pre-purchase special on Steam). We’re not sure exactly how much the monetary value of the free DriveClub version was, but we’re willing to wager that it’s not much more than twenty dollars.


By delaying Driveclub, PlayStation Plus users are coming out ahead. Not only will they still get Driveclub when it’s released in 2014, but they’ll now get a great looking moderately priced indie game as a bonus. Delays are always unfortunate, but a small delay to ensure a game lives up to its full potential plus another game instead of a rushed game that could end up being a disappointment is a deal we’d take any day of the week.