DriveClub Delayed into 2014

Rumors were circulating around the internet the last couple of days about Sony’s first next-generation racer being delay. The unbearable silence has only added to the flames and doubt about DriveClub’s dedication to the launch lineup, but it looks like people will no longer have to live in worry.

SCE Worldwide Studios has made the announcement today that DriveClub will be pushed into 2014. Similar to Ubisoft’s reasoning with Watch Dogs, Evolution Studios is looking to deliver their vision of the game without sacrificing quality by rushing it. PlayStation Plus users were expected to receive a stripped down version of the racing game at launch, but will unfortunately have to wait. Instead, in its place will be Contrast, the intriguing film-noir indie title from Compulsion Games. Additionally, Sony will be offering an “Open Weekend” trial of Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer between December 28-29.

This is very disappointing considering the PlayStation 4 was already behind in big launch exclusives, and having their premiere racing game be delayed has only dampened expectations on the console this holiday season. At least the first half of 2014 is looking positive for the Sony’s new platform.