Xbox 360 Games With Gold Promotion To Last Longer Than Previously Planned

Although it was only supposed to run until the end of the year, Microsoft announced today that they will be extending their “Games with Gold” promotion well into the foreseeable future. Initially, this was just meant to serve as a temporary benefit, but the announcement stated that it will be offered as “an ongoing benefit for Xbox Live Gold members.” They provided no further information as to when the promotion might end, but at least for now it seems like this will just be a perk that is associated with having a Gold account.

The Game with Gold promotion has been a very nice way for later adaptors to fill up their library with a huge variety of free games. Some of the past games that have been included in this promotion have been Assassin’s Creed II, Dead Rising 2, Fable III, among others. The current game that is available is Halo 3, which should be available now until the end of the month. We received no news as to which other games Microsoft might be including in future months, but whatever they are will be great because free games are always the best games. Microsoft might not have been winning the public favor with their string of unfortunate announcements several months ago regarding the Xbox One, but this is something they have absolutely done right. It is hard to stay upset at a company when they keep throwing free games your way.