WWE 2K14 Season Pass DLC Announced

The DLC for WWE 2K14 was announced today, and it’s a fairly impressive listing overall. The biggest additions include the legendary NWO group in a largely best-of capacity. NWO versions of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, The Giant, Syxx-Pac, Randy Savage, Curt Hennig, and Scott Steiner will be featured as DLC members. Interestingly enough, despite Wrestling Superstar Virgil being free DLC, he won’t be in the NWO as Vincent. The iconic Bruno Sammartino will be available as a DLC character, as will current stars like Fandango, the Bella Twins, and Big E Langston. While some of the character models do look iffy, Syxx-Pac looks awesome. The NWO pack costs $9, with The Giant being free. For some reason, they gave him longer tights than he usually wore in WCW, although he did wear the longer ones for a brief time. It’s a shame Scott Steiner’s gear looks so generic, because the model looks fantastic. Having the original NWO lineup, and a bigger WCW presence than usual is nice, although some WCW-centric arenas or at least the ’96 Bash at the Beach one, would be nice.

For modern-day stars, Summer Rae will be free and that pack will cost $8. You’ll also get a bunch of new moves including the Koji Clutch, CM Punk’s Pepsi Plunge, a corkscrew shooting star press, Cesaro’s spinning torture rack variant the Alpamare Waterslide and something called the Zack Ryder Combination which I’ll just assume involves him taking a move and losing.  The Wrist Lock Lariat sounds like a renamed version of Kazuchika Okada’s Rainmaker lariat, so he’ll feel more complete when top-notch creations of him are eventually created. It seems a bit absurd for a basic inverted DDT to be a paid downloadable move, but that does mean that Sting CAWs should hopefully be accurate as a proper one has been missing from the series for ages now.

The Legends pack includes Bruno, Dusty Rhodes, Rick Rude, and Jake Roberts as well as 14 new heads to use in the character creation mode.  If you’d like to get everything in one purchase, the season pass is available for $20 and includes Outsiders-themed versions of Hall and Nash that won’t be available elsewhere. Given that the game will be $40 at Black Friday at Gamestop, if you can wait a month, you can get the game and all of the DLC for just the normal cost of the base game. If you can’t wait, then you’ll get the Ultimate Warrior to play as, and you’ll be able to recreate not only his WrestleMania VI classic with Hulk Hogan, but if a custom arena is made, also his God-awful rematch at WCW Halloween Havoc ’98. This roster is actually quite conducive to recreating his best matches since it has both Rude and Savage in it as well and should provide many fun trips down memory lane outside of just the 30 years of WrestleMania mode.