Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Single Player Campaign to Last 10 Hours

Yesterday we learned from Guerilla Games that Killzone: Shadow Fall had gone gold and was ready to be pressed onto disks.  To celebrate this announcement Guerilla Games have released a comprehensive Q&A based on questions that fans sent in.  This has shed some light on some brand new information about the game, including the length of the campaign.

For most gamers, the campaign should last a good 10 hours.  An above average time for a First-Person Shooter.  Other games in the genre like Call of Duty and Battlefield typically have single player campaigns that run anywhere between 3-5 hours.  Of course, that length could increase with in-game collectibles and harder difficulties.

Guerilla Games also received a lot of questions concerning Co-Op.  Sadly, the campaign will not have Co-Op support and there will be no split-screen support.  Some point after the game’s release a Co-Op Expansion Pack will be released that adds in a 4-player Co-Op Survival Mode.  In the comments, the team was also asked about how many players can be in a Cross-Game-Chat Party, which was confirmed to be 8.

Oh, they also confirmed that Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer will run on dedicated servers.  The reasoning behind this is that it easily handles the transfer of data between clients.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is out November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe exclusively for PS4.