Mac OS X Mavericks Available Today

Apple began today’s iPad themed event by taking a look at Mac OS and their latest improvement.  Also known as Version 10.9, Mavericks was announced back at the WorldWide Developer’s Conference and is available for every Apple iMac, Macbook, Mac Pro and Mac Mini that is compatible with OS X Mountain.

Mavericks isn’t a huge update from Mac OSX Mountain Lion, but does bring some nice new software features and updates to existing apps.  Safari and the Notification Center have received some pretty nice enhancements.  New features include document tagging and tabs in Finder.  Apple has also improved multiple display support.

So, when can you Mac users download Mac OS X Mavericks?  Well it is actually available now.  Apple made the surprise announcement that users can begin downloading the OS and enjoy the new improvements today.  Want to know what’s even better?  The OS is for free for everyone.  Remember though, your Mac must be compatible with Mountain Lion

Apple’s event is currently on-going.  Make sure to check back for the latest news about Mac and iPad.