Need For Speed Sale Hits Xbox Live Marketplace

The Xbox Live Marketplace sale of the week heavily discounts a slew of NFS series content at 50% off. Need For Speed: The Run, ProStreet, Hot Pursuit, and Most Wanted (the reboot) can be yours for $7.50 for ProStreet to $10 for HP and The Run, while MW reboot will set you back $20. Most of its DLC is half-off as well, taking a lot of items down to $2.50, and giving people a chance to get a significant savings who otherwise avoided the DLC for the title due to the crazy-high amount of it. Hot Pursuit is by far the best overall game of the bunch, while Most Wanted is in theory quite good, it’s greatly hurt by a sometimes-crippling difficulty. The Run is okay, but focuses nearly everything on a story mode that isn’t very compelling, and is really only worth a rental at best as a result.