Redesigned Mac Pro Out in December, Macbook Pro gets Updated

Apple’s event is currently on-going and plenty of Mac related news has been announced.  These include the release date an pricing of their redesigned Mac Pro and updates to their Macbook Pro line of laptops.

Apple shocked a lot of people at their World Wide Developer’s Conference when they revealed the new Mac Pro.  Ditching the current rectangular design, Apple opted to adopt a brand new cylindrical  look.  Mac Pro took centerstage at the beginning of Apple’s conference where it was announced that it will be available starting this December.

Mac Pro will come with a Xeon E5 chip, which Apple claims makes it twice as fast as the current model.  Memory bandwidth and graphics performance have also been improved.  All Mac Pro models will come with six Thunderbolt 2 ports, 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, USB 3.0 ports, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, an HDMI 1.4 port and Mac OS X Mavericks pre-installed.

There will be multiple configurations to purchase with different amounts of RAM, stronger processors and more storage.  The base model comes with a 3.7GHz Xeon processor, 12GB of RAM, dual 2GB FirePro D300 graphics processors and 256GB of storage and costs $2999.99.

The Macbook Pro family of laptops have also received an upgrade.  Not a lot has been changed, but enough to warrant this refresh.

The 13″ and 15″ Macbook Pro with Retina Display now feature the upgraded Intel Core i5 and i7 ‘Haswell’ CPUs.  These new processors feature improved integrated graphics.  The 13″ version is also lighter and thinner, measuring .71″ thick and weighing 3.46 pounds.

These new Macbook Pro with Retina Display models are available today with the 13″ starting at $1299 and the 15″ starting at $1999.  Both come pre-installed with Mac OS X Mavericks.

Keep checking back for more coverage of Apple’s Mac and iPad event.