The Stanley Parable Finds Success

The Stanley Parable is a lot of things. It’s a humorous experience that defies and distorts narrative conventions; an “exploration of the limits of freedom in gaming,” a mod for Half-Life 2 and most recently a great success.

That’s right, the strange experimental title from Galactic Cafe has managed to sell over 100k copies in the last few days. Is this success proof that our industry is ready to leap a moon-crater closer to newly established ideas within interactive media? Is this the video-game equivalent of the rapture? Should we prepare ourselves for a subversion? Is it time to put those cans of pickled onions and boxes of dried apricots to use? Well, let’s not jump ahead of ourselves.

However, it is quite a big deal for the responsible parties. As posted on the developers blog:

“When the demo launched, it left William and me incredibly emotionally vulnerable, the response was pretty overwhelming and we simply had trouble holding ourselves together. We were each a chaotic little bundle of raw emotion.”

You can snatch a copy of The Stanley Parable on Steam, and enjoy yourself some weirdness in the best way possible: through video games. Of course, those of you interested only in shooting things and blowing them up as you walk away in slow motion to “Us And Them” by Pink Floyd — an equally enthralling experience — I ask you only to play the demo without crying tears of being stupid and wrong.