EA Has Unannounced Exclusive Deals With Sony

EA has been taking a lot of heat from PS4 fans since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One back in May and EA was there on their stage promising exclusive content for many of its sports games.  Things got even more heated at E3 2013 where EA announced timed-exclusive Xbox One content for Battlefield 4 and the Xbox exclusive Titanfall.  At Gamescom it was revealed that all Xbox One pre-orders in Europe would get a free copy of FIFA 14.  Many have deduced that EA is tilting towards to Microsoft next-gen.

According to EA this is not the case.  EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has staunchly shot down this deduction during a talk with Edge.  He also suggests that an announcement is incoming that will feature PS4 exclusive content.

“We’re not tilting Microsoft’s way; we are firm longterm supporters of Sony,” Gibeau explained. “I’m sure you’ll see tactical programmes between us and Sony in the future that we haven’t announced, but will make things much more balanced.”

This echoes comments made by EA’s COO Peter Moore back during Gamescom where he refuted the claim that the publisher was leaning towards the Xbox One.  He also suggested that there will be upcoming announcements that include PS4 exclusive content.

Upcoming games that could feature PS4 exclusive content include Mass Effect 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mirror’s Edge, Star Wars: Battlefront and the long-rumored Dead Space 4 and Dante’s Inferno 2.

PS4 is out November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe across 32 countries.  Xbox One is out November 22 worldwide across 13 countries.