Microsoft: Xbox One Supports 8 People in Party Chat

Yesterday Sony revealed that PS4 users will be able to have up to 8 people in Party Chat.  This put the PS4 in line with the Xbox 360, which also supports up to 8 players.  The only missing piece of this puzzle is just how many people Xbox One will support, which also turns out to be 8.

Game Informer shot over an email to Microsoft who were happy to respond.  ““At launch, up to eight people will be able to join a Party Chat at a time on Xbox One,” a Microsoft spokesperson told the site.  So, both the PS4 and Xbox One will launch with the industry standard of 8 players.  However, Microsoft’s statement implies that they can add more people at anytime in the near future.

Party Chat grew prominent on the current-generation of consoles.  Xbox 360 is to this day the only 7th generation console to offer Party Chat.  This allowed up to 8 friends chat with each other in a private party across separate games and apps.  It is a feature that PS3 owners have been crying for, but Sony was unable to deliver due to how RAM is distributed in the console.  The feature was completely skipped over by Nintendo for the Wii U.

Xbox One launches November 22 worldwide in 13 countries.  The PS4 launches November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe.