Pokemon X and Y Dominate The Market In Japan

There was a time when I would spend a majority of my day trying to “catch ’em all.” I’d train my adorable monsters into tenacious beefcakes, feeding them rare candies, scientifically-enhanced treats I found behind crates in underground crime-facilities and random berries — all without as much as a veterinarians consultation. Once they were strong enough, I’d release them from their miniature ball-shaped cages and force them to fight children for money. And then, something happened. I let go. I had lost interest in the franchise that pushed me to experiment with the roleplaying genre, if only due to my obsession with it in the first place.

Regardless, Pokemon X and Y managed to resurrect my adoration for the series with much more than a simple makeover, and while nearly every game featuring Pocket Monsters finds success, X and Y provided enough familiarity to remain comfortable without lacking in newness. Though, most enhancements made were something the series had been begging for since the introduction of the first Nintendo DS.

The games many changes have been met with excitement and positivity, and it’s hard to argue with the numbers. Unit sales for the newest Pokemon game have surpassed 2 million (2.3 mil) in Japan and are continuing to sky-rocket, helping to move some 3DS units as well — possibly due to those sexy bodies introduced by Nintendo. If you’ve yet to reintroduce yourself to those creature we all love to see faint, visit your local Poke-Center and boot up the user PC. Or, you know, go buy the game.