Nintendo Fixes Lumiose City Bug In Latest Pokemon X and Y Patch

Last week it was revealed that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were suffering from a game breaking bug.  Individuals who saved in Lumiose City found that their 3DS’ would become unresponsive when tryng to load the save file.  The only way to fix it was to delete the save file and start all over.  Now, Nintendo has come to the rescue.

Patch 1.1 is out now for both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.  The patch corrects this problem allowing players to now save in Lumiose City and not be in fear of their save file being corrupted.  Upon start up of the game you’ll be prompted to begin downloading the patch, or you can go to the Nintendo eShop and download it from there.  It takes up 227 blocks of space.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y launched October 12 worldwide and became instant hits.  Reviews for the games were overwhelmingly positive and sales were huge.  After four days of release Pokemon X and Y had sold a combine total of 4 million copies worldwide.  At this time, it is unknown how many of those customers were affected by this game breaking bug.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are out now exclusively on the 3DS.