Rumor: Need For Speed Rivals Possibly Delayed For Next-Gen Systems

With the delays of Driveclub and Watch Dogs, the next gen launches have had some starch taken out of them. Now, it seems like more wind has been taken out of their sails with the possible delay of Need For Speed Rivals on the Xbox One and PS4. While Best Buy‘s site still lists a November release date for all versions, Amazon‘s got the current-gen and PC versions listed for November 19, while the Xbox One and PS4 have December 31 listed. Normally, that’s a placeholder date when there isn’t a more firm date known, so even that isn’t an exact release date. Hopefully this doesn’t wind up being the case and it’s just a listing error, because Rivals looks excellent so far and would give the PS4 a much-needed racer at launch.

We’ve reached out to EA for comment and will update you with any news.