Wii U Sales Fall Under 500,000 For The Past Six Months

It’s not secret that Nintendo is having a very hard time selling the Wii U.  It looks like things haven’t changed much in their latest financial report.  The good news is that the console did see an uptick in sales from its disastrous first quarter sales of only 160,000 units.  Nintendo managed to sell about 300,000 consoles during the second quarter bringing their year total to 460,000 units so far this year.

6.3 million units of Wii U software was sold in the last six months, but the company did note that the hardware is still selling at a loss.  The price cut the console received is not likely to help that situation.

Nintendo still hopes to sell 9 million Wii Us by the end of the Fiscal Year (March 31, 2014), but these recent numbers make it seem impossible.  Only 3.91 million units have been sold and with the PS4 and Xbox One dominating everyones thoughts it makes it even more improbable.  Nintendo hopes that the lowered price and titles like Super Mario 3D World and Wii Party U can help the console regain momentum.

It wasn’t all depressing news from Nintendo’s financial report.  The 3DS is still doing amazing selling an astounding 3.89 million units the past six months.  It’s slightly down compared to last year, but it’s still astounding given the fact that many have labelled handheld consoles dead thanks to smartphones and tablets.  Software sales for the 3DS hit 27,38 million units thanks to the high profile launches of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.