Top 100 Games of the Generation

What a ride. While it seems natural to begin this by saying “it doesn’t seem it’s been that long,” it truly does. One of the longest console generations in video game history, the Xbox 360 debuted eight years ago this month. The PS3 and Wii were released a year later and unlike this generation where it seems that releasing early hindered a console being considered next-gen, the Xbox 360 remained the go-to console. All three consoles had their share of incredible games, however, with good reason to own them all.

We’ve racked our brains over the past month deciding on just what games were the biggest accomplishments of the generation. There was hours of bickering, fighting, hurt feelings and even a bruised ribcage, but we finally came up with something that we truly believe is the definitive list, regardless of bias.

* 100-81 *

* 80-61 *

* 60-41 *

* 40-21 *

* 20-11 *

* 10-1 *