Every2Minutes Site Launches – Auctions Average 40K Points

The Every2Minutes promotion from Microsoft, Dorito’s, and Mountain Dew led to many buying up the latter two products in the hope of winning an Xbox One console. However, when the site launched, many were shocked to see system auctions going in the 40,000 range at a minimum as that would in theory cost quite a bit of money. The good part about this is it could lead to many people burning through their points in the early going – allowing people to win one towards the end of the promotional period. That means you may have to wait until after the system’s launch to get a system, but would wind up having one in your hands for significantly less than $500. You can also throw your sweepstakes entries into the fold and try to win a system that way. While the Mountain Dew system looks hideous, the Dead Rising 3 unit looks rather awesome – and makes me wish they’d release a grey/silver version of the console.

  • lizardlicked

    I guess this lets us know how much Doritos and Mountain Dew can Xbox enthusiasts can buy.

  • JTC

    How many points do you get per bag/bottle?

  • demon4205984

    You get around 75-200 points on the bags depending on the size of the bag and you get 100 points for mountain dew bottles, 200 points on 12 packs, and 300 points on 24 packs. Plus if you enter a code from a dorito product and a mountain dew product at the same time they give you an extra 50 point bonus.