Kromaia Public Demo Released For Everyone to go “Ooooohhhh…” At

Kromaia’s quest for Indiegogo success took another step forwards today with the public release of the arcade demo.  This is a different version than the one we mentioned the other week, in that it’s limited to two ship types and a three-minute time limit, but that’s still enough to give a good feel for how things will work.  You fly through gates, blast endless formations of swarming enemies, dodge like mad with a full six degrees of freedom, and hold on as long as you can.  It’s worth noting that the demo is specifically for the arcade mode, so the buildings and other giant mechanical devices of the story mode have been removed to leave a clear, open field for the action.  There’s still a long way to go for Kromaia to make it’s Indiegogo goal, and hopefully this will help give it the boost it needs to bring its fast, shooty, stylish action into the world.