Neon Shadow Released for the OUYA

Neon Shadow has been playable in super-early form on the system thanks to the devs at Tasty Poison releasing an apk eons ago, but the wait for the full game has been quite long. Now, the full game is available on the OUYA’s storefront for $5. That money gets you more maps and the ability to play through it in co-op mode. Things seem very rough around the edges though, which is a bit of a shame. After going through a couple of levels in single-player, I decided to go back to the system’s home area just to see if my game saved. It did…and brought me back to a very glitchy-looking environment.


When I checked out the Buy section, it froze after I elected to not buy it. Fortunately, I only encountered these issues once, but they definitely soured me on the game. The character customization tool is nice though. It’s easy to use and allows you to alter your character’s color scheme – so if you’d like a green-heavy character ala Master Chief, or one that brings back memories of Mega Man with a lot of blue, you can. Fortunately, when things work well, the actual FPS gameplay is solid. Everything controls about as well as you’d expect for a modern FPS, and the graphics evoke a Gamecube-level of sharpness, but with impressive texture work that shines fairly brightly after spending time with BF 4’s beta. Online games are easy to get into, but I ran into issues there with the controls just not responding how they should. There’d either be a delay in the action or the character would just kind of move on their own. It’s a very odd issue to have and something else that needs to be remedied before this game can be recommended as a full purchase.