GamersGate Weekend Sale Slashes Prices on Codemasters Racing Games

Racing Weekend has hit Gamers Gate and that means it’s time to save a ton of money. Codemasters has released some of this generation’s best racing games, and the only top-shelf ones that aren’t platform-exclusive. If you haven’t enjoyed them yet, you can get GRiD for $3.74, FUEL (which isn’t very good) for $2.49, DiRT for $3.74, DiRT 3 for $6.24, DiRT Showdown for $7.50, F1 Race Stars for $5, F1 2010 for $7.50, F1 2011 for $7.50, or in a strange move, F1 2012 for $6.25.  The latest F1 entry, for 2013 is $37, while its classic edition is $49. Finally, GRiD 2 is $25, while its DLC has been discounted by 50%.