Lego: Lord of the Rings Gets An iOS Release

It might already be a year old, but fans of the Lego series of video games that somehow missed out on Lego: Lord of the Rings can now nab the game on iPhone and iPad according to the iTunes product page.

The game has been available on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii, 3DS, Vita, and basically every other system you can think of for over a year now, but the new iOS release has some very noticeable benefits. The price point of $5 is a steal, and the game features a new touch screen control option. Of course, this is an iOS release and they feel obligated to offer you the option of wasting money on in-app purchases. You can waste all sorts of money buying character packs or cheats if you are particularly desperate or you can ignore it and just enjoy the game. As these aren’t needed at all to play the game, I would fervently recommend just playing and unlocking everything yourself, but feel free to keep wasting cash on that so the rest of us can enjoy full games at bargain prices.

Lego: Lord of the Rings is available now, so go check it out if you need to get your block smashing, stud collecting fix.